Lion's Mane Mushroom

Australian lions mane mushroomLion’s mane (Hericium spp) is a mushroom that looks like the mane of a lion due to its many small spines that gradually elongate and grow side by side, taking the shape of a very well combed lion’s mane. 

This fantastic mushroom has been used by centuries by traditional herbalists and is attracting significant interest as it synthesizes hericenones and erinacines, beyond all the standard set of polysaccharides and terpenes that other mushrooms produce. Our lion's mane mushroom is organically grown in Victoria using the native strain Hericium coralloides, allowing us to make unique 100% Australia made products with it, quite a rare thing in the real mushroom supplement market.  We currently produce the following Lion's Mane based functional foods:

  • Australian Lion's Mane mycelium - this is what is usually sold as "lion's mane powder", "whole lion's mane mushroom", "lion's mane including the mycelium" in the market - It does not contain fully developed mushrooms. It is made by brown rice colonised by Lion's Mane culture and Lion's Mane primordia (initial stages of a mushroom) and, as such, contains mostly rice with some mushroom mycelium in it. It is like a Lion's Mane tempeh using brown rice. This product contains starches from the brown rice as we cannot separate the fungus from the rice it grew on. Note we sell the myceliated rice separated from the fruiting body (the real mushroom) to give our customers full transparency of what they are getting. Read more about it in our blog "Real mushroom x mycelium". Available in 50g/100g pouches.
  • Australian Lion's Mane dual liquid extract - using our very own Australian Lion's Mane powder, we bring you a convenient way of adding lion's mane to your daily routine. This is a dual extract, meaning it is made with ethanol and water extracts. Ethanol pulls the most of the terpene / phenolic compounds out of the mushroom, along with its hericenones and erinacines. The water focus on the polysaccharides. Available in 50ml and 100 ml bottles.
  • Australian Lion's Mane fruiting body & mycelium extract - We wanted to find a way to harness only the mushroom and mycelium's goodness keeping all the grain starches away. This is our best shot - as we are after only the hericenones/erinacines in the mycelium and they are ethanol soluble, we decided to mix ONLY mycelium ethanol extract to our mushroom dual extract. Available in 50ml and 100 ml bottles.
  • Trinity Extract - Interested in the benefits of all top Australian mushrooms? This product has you covered. Mixing equal volumes of each of our fruiting body liquid extracts (Lion's Mane, Reishi and Turkey Tail), this is a great way to conveniently harness the benefits of these mushrooms. Available in 50ml and 100 ml bottles.

Why would I have Lion's Mane ?

As with any dietary supplement, there are multiple studies showing promising results in different phases of their lifecycle - Find below an ever growing list to help you decide if Lion's Mane is the right for you.



IMPORTANT NOTE - Mushroom supplements should be seen as functional food and not remedies to treat medical conditions. We strongly encourage you to discuss with your doctor before start taking any mushroom based functional food to make sure you are not interfering with any treatment you are currently going through. Any statement or suggestion on the efficacy of this product to treat any medical condition or enhance any body function has not been validated by the TGA or any other food / medicine regulation authority. If pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, taking medications or have allergy to fungi or any of the components of this product, please, consult with your doctor before using it.