Chaga Mushroom

Chaga mushroomIn the icy heart of northern forests, a curious form punctuates the snowy monotony.

Chaga, a stalwart sentinel, clings to its birch host. Its exterior, as rugged and charcoal-like as the bark it calls home, belies the soft golden heart within.

A soothing brew can be derived from this enigma of the woods, offering a tea hued like the glow of dawn. Chaga is an earthy melody played on a winter's day, a gentle reminder of the persistence of life amidst the winter's chill.

Our chaga products are made using the chaga sclerotia (no grains at all) of Innonotus obliquus foraged in Siberia. 

We currently manufacture the following Chaga based functional food products:

  • Chaga drops - using dehydrated/pulverised Chaga sclerotia, we bring you a convenient way of adding Chaga to your daily routine. These drops a re made using alcohol and water infusion. Available in 100 ml bottles.