Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordyceps mushroomIf one ventures into the quiet corners of the world, they might encounter the cordyceps mushroom, a little lantern glowing amidst the undergrowth.

Its lifecycle is a theatrical play scripted by nature, beginning as a humble spore and ending as a proud, elongated fruiting body piercing the stillness of its host.

Found in diverse habitats, from the dizzying heights of the Tibetan plateau to the verdant expanse of the Amazon, Cordyceps is a testament to resilience and survival. It illuminates the forest floor and our understanding, a beacon of intrigue in the silent dialogue of the natural world.

Our Cordyceps mushroom products are made using the fruiting body (and only the fruiting body - no grains at all) of Cordyceps militaris farmed by our partner farm in Australia 

We currently manufacture the following cordyceps mushroom based functional food products:

  • Cordyceps drops - using dehydrated/pulverised Cordyceps mushroom fruiting body grown by our partner farm in Australia , we bring you a convenient way of adding Cordyceps mushroom to your daily routine. These drops a re made using alcohol and water infusion. Available in 100 ml bottles.