FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why your Reishi and Turkey Tail powders are not fine powders like others I have used before?

That's how real Reishi and Turkey Tail mushrooms look like when dehydrated and grounded. Reishi and Turkey Tail mushrooms are very leathery (think of the consistency of wood ear mushrooms you see in forests) - When you freeze dry and pulverise them, they just can't get to a fine powder. 

2. What is fruiting body?

Fruiting body is the technical name for "mushroom". Mushroom is the reproductive apparatus of some type of fungus. The fungus itself is filamentous organism that extends and brach forming what we call "mycelium". Once the right conditions are in place, the mycelium will form a fruiting body (or mushroom).

3. What is the rationale behind the recommended dosage?

The recommended dosage is how much we have been taking. Given there is no clinical study to confirm that "x" grams of mushrooms taken "y" times a day will address a symptom / illness in "z" days, it doesn't make sense to come up with a scientific recommended dosage. We find the best approach to take with herbal foods is to start slowly and use in moderation - and we are happy to share how we use them ourselves.

4. Why isn't my discount working?

Keep in mind discounts cannot be used in conjunction. So, if you are claiming a first order discount, you will not receive a bulk discount when you buy multiples. Test which one would give you the best value and use it. Or, in case of discount vouchers, save them for better opportunity. In case you are not getting a discount that you think you would be entitled to, please, get in touch with us as this might be an issue with our website.

4. How to store my products?

Keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. There is no need to refrigerate the the liquid extracts but you can if you want (they might feel more refreshing).

Do not refrigerate powders/capsules as, once they are out of the fridge, the chances of water condensing on them would be higher than if they were kept at room temperature. And we don't want humidity to take over the powders / capsules before they get into your body.

For capsules and powders, keep them in sealed containers with desiccant gel packs to minimise humidity build up. If you keep them closed in the original packing, they should be fine.

5. What is the use by date of these products?

We recommend using them within 6 months of purchase. Theoretically, as we are talking about dehydrated goods and 30% alcohol solutions, they can last way longer than that. But once they are out and we cannot guarantee the circumstances in which they have been stored, we think 6 months is a good recommendation.

6. Which products is the strongest? Capsules, powders or liquid extracts?

I am afraid there is no direct black and white answer to this question... Powders have all the compounds a mushroom can offer you but we don't know exactly how much your body will be able to pull out of them. The same goes to capsules as they are just a convenient way to use the powders. Liquid Extracts, on the other hand, have lower concentration of compounds when compared to powders, but they are 100% available to your body. 

7. How long will your products last for me?

It depends on how much you are using per day - Some examples based on common usage scenarios:

- A bottle of capsules would last one month if you are having two capsules a day or two months if you are having one capsule a day

- A 100ml bottle of liquid extract would last approximately one month if you are having it two doses a day (one dose as 1.5ml or two pipette draws). A 50ml bottle used int he same circumstances would last you two weeks approximately.

- 50g of lion's mane mushroom powder would last you approx. 23 days if you use one shallow tsp per day (there is approx. 2.2g per tsp).  50g of reishi / turkey tail would last you approx. 4 months if you use one shallow tsp per day (there is approx. 0.4g of powder per tsp).

8. Do I need to shake the liquid extracts before use?

You don't have to but it can make your experience better. Liquid extracts may have some bits of mushroom in the bottom that managed to dodge the filtering process. If you shake the bottle, you would have some of that in every dose instead of leaving it to the last drops. 

9. Where is my parcel?

We use Australia Post to send your orders - After your parcel is shipped we send you a tracking number you can use to check the status of your parcel's delivery in Australia Post website. In case you see no movements in Australia Post website for days in a row, feel free to reach out to us.

10. How much mushrooms are used in the liquid extracts?

Lion's Mane - Approx. 22g of mushroom per 100ml

Reishi /Turkey Tail - Approx. 14g of mushroom per 100ml

11. How can I make sure your mushrooms are really grown in Australia?

We hold an Australia Made campaign license - In order to get this license and be able to use the well known Australia Made logo with the kangaroo, we had to go through an audit to make sure our products are really made in Australia. You can search for our brand / other brands in their website to make sure we / other brands are legitimately using the Australia made logo.

Our license: https://australianmade.com.au/licensees/wattle-supplements

Where you can search any brand: https://australianmade.com.au/ 

12. How do you manage to reach such high levels of beta-glucans in your products?

That happens when real mushrooms are used to produce mushroom based functional food. As simple as that.

13. Why you don't use mycelium in most of your liquid extracts?

What is called "mycelium" in the market is brown rice colonised by mushroom culture. Like a tempeh, but using mushroom culture instead of the tempeh culture and rice instead of soy beans. It is mostly rice. The ethanol extract of myceliated grains is very weak (their colour is almost clearer when compared to the ethanol extract of real mushrooms) and the water extract would have mostly starches.  So, we don't think this is a worthwhile product to be offered to our customers.

The only exception is our "lion's mane fruiting body & mycelium dual extract" that combines very concentrated lion's mane mycelium alcohol extract (only alcohol extract, no starchy water extract used) with our lion's mane dual extract. That combination yielded a liquid extract with the highest concentration of beta glucans amongst our products.

14. Why you don't add anything to make your extracts taste better?

We don't want to mix anything in our liquid extracts so our customers can see the vibrant colours that only real mushroom extracts can have. We believe that adding something else (particularly something that has colour) would prevent our customers from being sure we are not using anything to give colour to diluted extracts. Finally, we and the vast majority of our customers don't think the taste is terrible when taking in consideration only a few drops is being taken at a time.

 15. What is the link between Wattle Supplements and Ninth Path?

Wattle Supplements was the side of the business selling products whereas Cogumelo Farm was the farm growing mushrooms. We consolidated all operations (farm + products) under one single brand called Ninth Path. Wattle Supplements and Cogumelo Farm will eventually be discontinued but this will be a process that will take some time. While the re-branding is not completed, you may spot references to Wattle Supplements in the website, e-mails and in the label of some products.