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Here at Ninth Path mushrooms, our focus is on mushrooms. We hope to have every functional fungi product that you might need, be it an extract or a powder, helping you get in touch with yourself and the world around you. For this very reason, we prioritise native species of mushroom. 

Through our experience, we’ve come to see our products work best for those who already have researched the magnitude of possibility in mushrooms. But even the most adventurous mushroom hunters can get lost in the forest. It’s alright if you’re daunted by the array of choices!

We have a growing series of informative articles available to help navigate not only our cabinet of products, but also the world of functional mushrooms overall. Everyone is welcome in our Wattle family.

I. The Basics

II. Which products is right for me?

III. Starchy fillers, invisible not to the trained eye

IV. Real mushroom x "mycelium"

V. How to use our products