Interested in the benefits of all top Australian mushrooms (Lion's Mane, Reishi & Turkey Tail) but not very keen on having to buy each of them separately? 

Our Trinity Extract has you covered. Mixing equal volumes of each of our fruiting body liquid extracts ( Lion's Mane, Reishi and Turkey Tail), this is a great way to conveniently harness the benefits of these mushrooms. Available in 100ml and 50ml bottles.

Serving Suggestion: We use it from twice up to four times a day - One squeeze (approx. 1ml) each time straight from the pipette into our mouths. Sometimes also mixed up with coffee, water, juices etc... 

Finally a more affordable option to share your love for mushrooms with your four legged mates!

When we make our Lion's Mane, Reishi and Turkey Tail liquid extracts, the final stage is to filter the liquid phase from the mushroom powder that has leached most of its goodness to the liquids. But no matter how hard we work that press, there is always some mushroom juice left.

We used them to make teas for ourselves but then thought of giving it to our beloved bulldog called Senhor Grumpy. 

This product is made following the same meticulous methods we use across our whole range - Just not as potent as products meant for humans (might still be stronger than many we see in the market though...). As such, we don't recommend it to be used by humans.

It does not contain myceliated grains (also referred to as "mycelium"), making it suitable for dogs with grain allergies and / or dogs on grain free diets.
Note we do not offer any liquid extracts for pets as they would contain alcohol which is not safe for dogs - As dogs are more sensitive to alcohol than humans, we don't believe this would be a safe option, even in small quantities. 
Serving Suggestion: Our dog is 20 kg and we give him one tsp daily with his food - You are welcome to do the same adjusting for your dog's weight, nevertheless we strongly recommend you talk to your vet first. 

Available in 50g pouches

We wanted to find a way to harness only the mushroom and mycelium's goodness keeping all the grain starches away. This is our best shot - as we are after only the hericenones/erinacines in the mycelium and they are ethanol soluble, we decided to mix ONLY mycelium ethanol extract to our mushroom dual extract. Available in 50 ml / 100 ml bottles.

Serving Suggestion: 1ml - 2ml three times a day (1ml is approx. 18 drops)