Cogumelo Farm

Cogumelo is a proud, small & local mushroom farm located in the Yarra Valley - Victoria, focusing on the cultivation of gourmet & medicinal mushrooms.

Denys and his partner Mark have always been big fans of mushrooms, until one day, they wondered - “what if we grow our own mushrooms?”

After lots of reading, learning and experimenting, they managed to master the art of growing a variety of tasty fungi!

Our mushrooms are grown using artisanal processes without any pesticides/nasty chemicals - we are not yet organic certified but are confident it will be just a matter of time.

By the way… ‘Cogumelo’ stands for ‘Mushroom’ in Portuguese - the name is an homage to Denys’s Brazilian heritage.

For orders/information, please don’t hesitate reach out to us



 Cogumelo Farm specialises in premium, locally cultivated, gourmet mushrooms. We are based in the South East suburbs of Melbourne and supply top quality, freshly harvested mushrooms to restaurants, cafes and grocery shops all over Victoria.

We can deliver our mushrooms to you fresh or dried / pulverised. They can be packed in re-usable baskets /boxes, compostable trays, display trays etc… depending on your circumstances and how you are planning to use / re-sell them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the form below, to discuss our product availability, quantities, price, re-sale model and delivery schedules.



We are looking for EOI to launch a fresh mushroom delivery service. Locally grown, gourmet mushrooms direct to your door, all year round.

We personally harvest, pack and deliver to ensure premium quality and freshness. Interested in a one-off delivery or Basket Subscription? Check more details here.



Have questions about how to grow mushrooms, how to best utilise some outdoor space to grow mushrooms, what would be the best model for your business to grow / source mushrooms…

Whatever your question or your vision is (as long as it involves mushrooms), we are happy to offer consulting services to understand your needs / vision and help you implement them



Want to learn how to grow mushrooms yourself? We offer small / on demand hands on workshops.

Please reach out via the Contact Us form if you are interested



Besides growing mushrooms, we also have a passion for soil regeneration!

We are Soil Food Web certified lab-technicians, which enables us to assess the biology in your soil, compost or liquid amendments and provide you a report indicating levels of beneficial (or not) micro-organisms in your soil / compost / liquid amendments.

This information is a vital starting point to understand what your soil is missing so a plan can be created to bring it up to a level compatible to what you plan to grow.

Please reach out via the Contact Us form if you are interested